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Doggie Daycare

We've transformed a 6,000 square foot maintenance garage into a huge indoor dog park where your playful pets can exercise and socialize non-stop during their visit. Outdoors, we have 10,000 square feet of completely fenced-in running space.


Our play space is sectioned off for large dogs and small dogs so your playful pet can socialize with other dogs of similar sizes.  


One Visit:                      $25


One Full Week:           $100 ($20 per day)

(Five consecutive visits, Monday-Friday)


10-Visit Pkg:                $230 ($23 per day)

20-Visit Pkg:                $440 ($22 per day)

30-Visit Pkg:                $630 ($21 per day)

35+ Visits:                     Choose the number of visits ($20 per day)

(Packages never expire)




We require all new clients to complete the "New Client Form." You can download the form prior to your first visit by simply clicking the blue button above. 


This information is critical to keeping your Playful Pet safe, happy and healthy while you're at work or out-of-town.

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