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With 6,000 square feet of space, Playful Pets has seven oversized kennels for large-dog or multi-dog boarding. We even have a separate room for medium and smaller dog kennels.

Our boarding prices include:

  • An entire day of playtime and socialization in our doggie daycare

  • Maintaining your pets' current meal schedule

  • Use of our 10,000 square foot outdoor space

  • Administering medications, if needed

  • Allowing toys and other personalized items in the overnight spaces only

  • Frequent outdoor potty breaks

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Some dogs simply do not like spending the evening in kennels. That's why Playful Pets is offering an at-home boarding option. How does it work? It's simple.

  1. Bring your dog to Playful Pets

  2. Your pet will spend the day exercising and socializing with other dogs

  3. At night, your pet will go home with one of our trusted staff members where they will have access to a large, fenced-in back yard and at-home meal times

  4. The next day, your pet returns to Playful Pets

  5. When it's time to go home, simply return to Playful Pets to pick-up your dog

  6. No crates, no kennels and all the comforts of home

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Our Offers


$45 per dog, per night.
$35 for each additional dog from the same family, per night. 
(Additional dog rate is available only if dogs from the same family are able to stay in the same kennel.)


Our at-home boarding option is $60 per night, per dog.

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Get in touch to find out more about our services or to schedule a first day assessment.

13 North Green St, Columbus Ohio


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Come and Play

Monday - Friday: 7am - 7pm
Saturday: 8am-6pm
Sunday: 8-10am, 4-6pm (Boarding Only)

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