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A Stress-Free Experience

We offer pet grooming services and our full-service grooming room and wash room is up-and-running. We currently offer the following services:

Full Groom:  Starting at $50 (bath, nails, ears, teeth, brush out)

Bath Only: $20-$30 per dog (depending on size and hair type)

Nail Trimming:  $15 (with dremel)

Teeth Brushing: $10

Ear Cleaning:  $10

Brush Out: $10

Groom with Cut: Varies (scheduled by appointment only and priced based upon type, temperament, and condition of individual dog)

All grooming dogs must show proof of vaccinations


Get in touch to find out more about our services or to schedule a first day assessment.

13 North Green St, Columbus Ohio


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Come and Play

Monday - Friday: 7am - 7pm
Saturday: 8am - 6pm
Sunday: 8am-10am, 4pm-6pm (Boarding Only)

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